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We believe there’s nothing more beautiful than a feeling expressed and a memory made. The gift of flowers is to say something from the heart, a sentiment that stays with your recipient forever. To convey a message of love, joy, sympathy, kindness or gratitude through the beauty of flowers is to connect with someone on a deeper level. Through the wonder of nature’s finest, we can admire and appreciate such exquisite beauty as well as enjoy the heartfelt sentiments behind it.

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Plants & Pots

Potted plants & decorative pots for a beautiful living gift. What a fantastic array of living plants for gifting in any season or for any reason.
It does not matter if your intended recipient has a green thumb or not, we’ve got the perfect pot plant for their indoor space or outdoor sanctuary.
Who doesn’t love a little plant or a big one to beautify a home and bring warmth and a sense of calm to their abode?
Let’s talk about why plants are good to have in the home. Not only do our green friends purify the air that we breathe, the colour also has an effect on our mood. That’s right, green is always associated with refreshing and tranquil scenes of nature, so it makes sense to bring a little bit of nature into our homes.

Also, who hasn’t been known to have a little chat with their plant buddy? I know we do. We love to tell our potted plant friends how fabulous they’re looking. They grow beautifully big and strong, their luscious locks (that’s our pendant planters ) drape down so long and shiny – we call them Rapunzel! Not to mention the cutesy little ladies with their wild and woolly hairdo’s. If you haven’t met Lily, Lulu, Milly or Molly yet, you’ve yet to make aquaintance with these sensational plant ladies.
There’s our fantastic selection of succulents. They require very little maintenance or attention – for those that don’t appreciate anything high maintenance in their life or space. Let’s not forget the flowering gift presentations – our phalaenopsis orchids and spathiphylum peace lilies. These are the best of both worlds, the gift that keeps on giving. Gorgeous blooms to admire this season, and all the seasons to come.
For whatever the occasion, we’ve got just the right pot plant friend for them. We get so excited about our potted living gifts, we wet our plants!!

Something for all of life's special occasions!

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We believe everyone deserves more meaningful connections and will ensure they’ll never forget how you made them feel! Same day delivery available throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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