4 Tips on how to Care for Orchids

4 Tips on how to Care for Orchids

5th Jun 2020

Flowers are beautiful and they make for a lovely gift. In particular, orchids, as a gift, have become one of the most popular expressions of love and affection. Leading florists and kokedama suppliers in Cannon Hill Perfect Petals, offer fresh and vibrant Orchids ready to order. Orchids came into existence over 100 million years ago and the name originated from the Greek word “Orkhis” which means male anatomy. Orchids are unlike any plant, they are a unique breath-taking flower and yet they are very fragile, and so to properly take care of them you have to be committed.

Here are the five top tips on how to care for orchids:

1. Place them near a window:

It is important to place your orchid/s near a window as they require a certain amount of light; ideally on a window sill behind curtains or blinds as per your convenience is most suitable as too much light can damage them. You can ensure that they get enough light by observing their leaf colour; the colour of the leaves must appear bright and vibrant. If they aren’t bright, rather dark than it means the plant isn’t getting enough light. Similarly, if you spot the occurrence of reddish-green leaves, it implies the plant is receiving too much light.

2. Watering:

Orchids do not require too much watering, for the best results try to water every 5 to 12 days for healthy growth. There should be a hole in the planter at the bottom that allows any excess water to drain - always avoid leaving the roots in standing water.

3. Keep them in the bathroom:

Many orchid lovers claim that keeping their orchids in the bathroom leads to optimum growth. They say that bathrooms are one of the best places for these plants as the steam emanating from the shower helps in keeping the plant moist and the risk of over-watering is minimised.

4. Re-pot:

It is worth noting that you must re-pot your Orchid as and when required. A large number of Orchids may sit conveniently in pots for about 2 years at a time. However, as soon as you notice long roots beginning to extend over the top, you must shift the plant to a larger pot and you must ensure that you eliminate the dead roots when you begin to re-pot.


The above discussed tips will assist you on your orchid journey. While orchids aren’t the easiest plants to maintain, they are stunning and once you learn how to properly care for them, it becomes second nature. Buy beautiful flower arrangements and Kokedamas in Tingalpa at Perfect Petals – the number one Brisbane flower delivery business.