Which flowers are appropriate as a sympathy gift?

At such a sad time, beautiful fresh sympathy flowers are such a thoughtful way of showing your love. Comforting those that are grieving is a loving gesture that bonds us in a way like no other.

When choosing what condolence flowers to send, three very important factors should be kept in mind.

  1. What are the best flowers to send?

Most commonly used flowers for a bereavement are lilies, roses, orchids, gladioli, chrysanthemums and carnations. Just a couple of factors need to be kept in mind when choosing.  For example, lilies should not be chosen if you are going to be sending them to a family home that has a pet.  Lilies are quite toxic to our furry friends so it is best to let us know this at the time of ordering.  Chrysanthemums are a very good choice for an Asian sympathy tribute as this is condsidered very appropriate, however colour is of the utmost importance. Native flowers are also a very popular choice for a male recipient, whether they be the deceased or a grieving loved one.  The colours and textures are very masculine.

2. What colour flowers are appropriate for a funeral or sympathy tribute?

As a general rule, soft pastels are the perfect colour palette for a grieving woman.  Pretty pastel colours have a soothing, peaceful effect.  White is also perfectly suitable for either male or female.  Classic and elegant, all white expresses purity and reverance for such a sombre occasion. White or yellow chysanthemums are widely used in many Asian countries, red however indicates happiness and prosperity so should definitely be avoided for a bereavement.

3. What type of arrangement is appropriate to send?

Funeral tributes are for the service only.  You would not typically send a casket or sympathy spray, floral wreath, cross or heart shaped wreath tribute to a grieving family at the home.

Jewish people believe that flowers are part of the cycle of life and ending a flower’s life for the purpose of floral arrangements for a funeral would not be right.  Typically, a fresh fruit gift basket is sent to the family home.  In the Hindu tradition, flowers are not generally brought to the funeral, so we would advise to send sympathy flowers to the home.

If you would prefer not to send flowers or a gift basket, there is always the option of a beautiful living plant.  The Phalaenopsis Orchid or Peace Lily are the two most popular.  A constant and thriving reminder of a life well lived and a memory that will live eternally with those they were loved by.  A memorial tree they could plant in their yard or sent in an elegant ceramic pot.  Flowering plants bloom each season, a stunningly beautiful reminder of a beautiful soul.


Whatever you choose, know that your kind gesture will be well recieved and lovingly appreciated.  At such a difficult time, it may be hard to find the right words to say.  A thoughtfully chosen gift can be of such comfort to a grieving heart, a loving reminder that we are not alone in our sadness, but surrounded by love.

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