Rose Petals

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Rose petals en masse are as gorgeous as a rose themselves!! There are so many different uses for the beautiful petals of the exquisite rose bloom.  We are asked for bags and bags of them all the time so now, they are their very own product!!

Let’s see, how will you be using your rose petals? We’ve got an insane number of different uses for these beauties, and I’m sure you’ve got your own and that’s why you’re here. We’ll just start you off with the top five uses for these beauties.

  1. This one if for all of you romantics out there 💗  Sprinkle, scatter and seduce!  Imagine their face as they enter a room to see a carpet of petals leading them to a table set for a romantic meal.  You could sprinkle them wherever you’d like them to go.
  2.  Still in the realm of romance, but not necessarily.  Run a bath, fill the tub with their favourite scented oils or bubbles then layer on top your petals.  It looks amazingly luxurious, totally decadent and they’ll feel like they’re in a luxury spa experience.
  3.  Event decoration – it’s all the finer details that make an event memorable.  A baby girl baby shower with pink rose petals scattered on the sweet treats table is so elegantly feminine.
  4. Fresh petals are very easy to manipulate into shapes then left to dry – we’re thinking dried rose petal flower wreaths.  Sprinkle with your favourite rose oil and hang in your bedroom – both decorative as a wreath and functional as a room fragrance.
  5. Rose Petalling – mostly done at weddings where guest throw the petals into the air above the bride and groom.  Ancient Egyptians threw seeds at newlyweds to grant them fertility which eventually translated into rose petals. They are also widely used at funerals too when delicately placed across the coffin at the gravesite as a visual symbol of love and loss.

Whatever your reason for wanting beautifully fresh and fragrant rose petals, we have them for you.  The standard selection will be of mixed colours however, if you require a particular colour or colour range, please call the store to order.

Please note that this is a product that needs to be ordered at least 24 hours ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

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