We believe there’s nothing more beautiful than a feeling expressed and a memory made. The gift of flowers is to say something from the heart, a sentiment that stays with your recipient forever. To convey a message of love, joy, sympathy, kindness or gratitude through the beauty of flowers is to connect with someone on a deeper level. Through the wonder of nature’s finest, we can admire and appreciate such exquisite beauty as well as enjoy the heartfelt sentiments behind it.





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Our Ecoya range has an ever expanding array of the most amazing fragrances in exquisite soy candles, diffusers and the most decadent of body lotions and potions.

Ecoya is such an iconic brand – founded and nurtured in Botany Bay Australia, designed in Auckland New Zealand and handcrafted in Australia. How could you not support such a distinctly Australasian character in both heritage and at the heart of everything they do.

We stock the ever popular core collection of Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Lotus Flower and French Pear right through to the seasonal, limited edition delights that pop up throughout the year.  You are sure to find a fragrance to suit your taste and budget.

Ecoya candles create all manner of moods with their intoxicating fragrances. They set the scene with their ambient light.  You can create the atmosphere of a calming sanctuary, like a luxuriant day spa, right in your own home.

You’re always in for a treat when you stop by our store to take in the lush fragrances of the soy based candles, diffusers and luxurious body products. Ecoya’s fragrance creations are guided by leading perfumers and fragrance experts, its iconic collection of fragrances transforms raw nature into perfumes that are rich, rare and evocative.

Fragrances have a unique ability to set moods in subtle, yet detectable ways. The aromatherapy benefits of fragrances can enhance and elevate moments in your daily life.

A fragrance anchors a memory for life, so give them the gift of Ecoya to remember your moment shared!

Something for all of life's special occasions!

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We believe everyone deserves more meaningful connections and will ensure they’ll never forget how you made them feel! Same day delivery available throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Important Notice

Notice for Mother's Day Orders

Please note that Mother’s Day (12th May) we will be guaranteeing delivery of flowers only ordered from the Mother’s Day section.  Other flower choices may need to be substituted with your approval or can be sent the following day.

Extended Trading Hours Mothers Day Weekend: 

Pick up or delivery all weekend:

  • Friday 10th 8:30-5:30
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