How’s your relationship bank balance?
How’s your relationship bank balance?  Flourishing or in the red? If you don’t know about your relationship’s bank account, we’d suggest you read on!
Great couples do this regularly.  When you do something nice, or unexpectedly sweet, that’s a deposit.  When something goes wrong, a disagreement or disappointment, that’s a withdrawal, and unfortunately,  always seems to be worth more than the deposits.
Here are 3 small things you can do to keep your relationship thriving –
1. Show your love. Small gestures make a huge impact.
2. Celebrate your love often. Anniversaries. Wedding/relationship/first date/first kiss. It could just be as simple as a date night once a month. Every moment you cherish each other, you’re depositing into this account.
3. Speak your partner’s love language.  They’ve got one…we all do.
Here they are and some simple suggestions to show them.
1. Words of affirmation – a little love note left for them.
2. Acts of service – you know they need something done, and you do it without being asked.
3. Gift giving – we can help you there!
4. Quality time – there’s nothing more romantic than a picnic in the park, no distractions, just each other and some delectable nibbles and bubbles to share.
5. Physical touch.
We love love, and help folks make small and grand gestures every day.  In fact, let’s help you make yours.  Simply use coupon code ‘love’ to get FREE delivery of your next gesture of love.  Shop Now.



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