The Complete Guide to Flower Colours and Meanings

The Complete Guide to Flower Colours and Meanings

28th Aug 2020

It goes without saying that fresh flowers are among the top best gifts ever, conveying beauty and amazing fragrance. But, there’s so much more to buying a flower bouquet online or at a flower store. The truth is, different flower colours express different meanings which is why we have created this little guide for you. So, read on and find out what the colour of each flower signifies:

  • Roses

First and foremost, roses are probably the most gifted flower of all thanks to their beauty, fragrance, and wide range of colours. But, depending on the occasion and the desired reaction, you should know what the different colours of roses symbolise. For instance, red roses symbolise passion, love, and romance, whereas pink roses convey platonic love. Then, purple roses imply majesty, yellow happiness and joy, and white roses signify purity and dignity.

  • Lilies

The fragrance of the gorgeous Lilie, is guaranteed, but what about the colour? Let’s see. White lillies means purity and innocence, red is for love and passion, pink denotes support, and yellow conveys good health and happiness.

  • Orchids

Next on the list are the majestic orchids that come in over 20,000 species all over the world. Regardless of the type, orchids are a general symbol of fertility and elegance. Yet, like all other flowers, different colours evoke different feelings. So, if you want to express elegance and purity, go for white orchids in your flower bouquet online order. Next, for royalty and admiration choose purple, to express femininity and grace go for pink, pick orange to convey enthusiasm, yellow for good luck, and red for deep love and courage.

  • Carnations

Being one of the most preferred flowers in the world is proof of their appeal. Carnations are great for any occasion and can be found in a great range of colours and hues. So, dark red carnations like all the others symbolise deep love and affection and light red is more suitable for admiration. Then, white is also a symbol of purity and pink is for expressing thankfulness. Plus, there are also green carnations which mean fortune.

  • Gerberas

Finally, gerberas are also one of the world’s most commonly gifted flowers. This is because they last the longest in a vase – up to two weeks. The bright colours of gerberas also make them the ideal choice for happy occasions. For example, choose red to express love, pink for respect, yellow to spread cheer and joy, and white to convey childhood purity and innocence. The bottom line is, the colour of flowers really does matter when choosing the right one for gifting on different occasions. Hence, contact Perfect Petals, order flowers online or visit our shop, tell us what kind of emotion you want to evoke, and we’ll help you make the right choice!