Everlasting Love

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‘Eternally’ is what the card message could say.  A solitary preserved rose that is beautifully encased in a fishbowl vase. Laid on a bed of pure white pebbles this beauty is then wrapped with love in satin ribboning and carefully placed for gifting in a hat box to keep.

Preserved roses are real roses. The roses are cut at their peak and preserved using 100% natural plant-based preservation liquid. This preservation process allows the roses to maintain their beauty. And, they even retain the feel of fresh-cut roses.

These beauties, depending upon where it is placed, will last perfectly for one to three years. Preserved roses must be kept out of direct sunlight, kept in a cool dry place away from water. Using just a dry cool air stream to dust them off monthly.

A gorgeous sentimental keepsake of everlasting love!

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Classic White, Pretty Pink, Ruby Red

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