Top 3 easy care indoor plants and the perfect occasions to gift them

Low maintenance indoor plants are the perfect gift that keeps on giving for so many reasons. Everyone loves lush greenery – it evokes the feeling of health and vitality. The colour green represents new beginnings and growth. It also signifies renewal and abundance as well as very calming attributes. So it’s no wonder that we see indoor plantscapes adorning homes, offices, waiting rooms and schools to name just a few. They’re also a natural air purifier so in Winter time, when we don’t tend to have the windows open too often, they’re there doing the work needed for us to stay healthier.
Whilst all plants are stunning in their own right, they are not all equal in terms of easy care and maintenance. Here are our top three best picks for indoor plants to gift…because no-one wants the new plant parent to fail!!

#1 Most definitely has to be the Peace Lily. This beautiful indoor plant offers the best of both worlds: beautiful foliage year-round and gorgeous, generally pure white, flowers over a long period. They require just a moderate amount of filtered indirect sunlight but can also be fully shaded. These are not a plant you’d put outside in full sunlight. Excellent for helping keep indoor air clean and fresh. The peace lily is recognised as one of the best natural indoor air-purifiers, as it will help strip harmful VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) from the air. They require a moderate amount of water – moist soil but not wet. The beauty of these is that their drooping leaves are an absolute giveaway that they’re thirsty. A top up of fresh clean water and they perk straight back up.

#2 The anthurium plant. With striking flowers, anthurium makes an attractive indoor plant. Although it’s known for its scarlet flowers, other varieties range from creamy white through pink and orange to deep purple. Like the Peace Lily, these beauties love bright indirect sunlight to full shade and definitely would not tolerate being in full sun. Loving moist not wet soil, so every two to three days for a good drink. Don’t forget that their roots should not become soggy, so good drainage is essential. Perfectly placed in a humid environment, they will thrive. If you’ve got a few, then clump them together as this helps to raise the humidity.

#3 Succulents – the more neglect the better!! We’re serious. Succulents will not tolerate the over loving that some plant parents heap on their green babies. They prefer to dry out completely between waterings so water according to the season. Winter months you can get by without watering for a couple of weeks. So yes, the parents can go away and leave their green babies at home alone. These beauties do actually prefer more sun than the others so wherever there is the most direct sunlight in the home – that’s the place for them! Do remember to keep turning the succulents as you don’t want only one side getting the sun. They will also tend to lean towards the sun and if they do so, it means you may need to find a sunnier spot for them.

Giving a gift of a living plant is a fabulous idea for a housewarming. A little green in a room is a natural air purifier and also very soothing and calming. It’s a great reminder to them daily that you’re so very happy for them in their new abode.
When a gift is required for a man – flowers may not be the first thought that enters your mind however green gifting is becoming infinitely more popular for all the reasons we’ve given above. It could be a happy or sad occasion-either way, a living plant is always appropriate.

So if you need a gift that will not only be a huge hit but a lasting reminder of your thoughts on that occasion, then a living plant is a sensational choice.

Please note though, if your intended recipient has a dog or cat, the peace lily and anthurium is toxic to pets.

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