The Perfect Valentine for each Star Sign

We’ve got fantastic ideas for the perfect Valentine gift based on your beloved’s star sign.  Taking a look at the type of person they are helps to make a great decision on how to show your love for them.  Let’s get started…


ARIES (21/3-19/4)

You know those people who walk into a room and just OWN the place? Passionate, confident and daring, this sign isn’t afraid to have all eyes on them and take risks.  Valentine’s Day is a time to share exciting adventures together.

What makes their heart melt:

  • Spontaneous adventures (think last-minute road trips or a night time picnic)
  • Surprise party
  • Treasure hunt with clues that reference how you fell in love.

Aries love a bit of fun competition, and they don’t mind knowing someone will work a little for their heart. They want to know they’re worth fighting for, even on their not-so-great days.

TAURUS (20/4-20/5)

While they’re known for being stubborn hotheads (hence the bull symbol), this quality is actually reflective of their loyal nature and deep commitment to the people and things they love most. If you need someone to make you belly laugh after a breakup, they’ll be there. If you need a ride from the airport at 3 a.m., they’ll be there, too. 

Taureans are also hardworking, easy to talk to and great thinkers. They want Valentine’s Day to be all about intimate, chill quality time with their person. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • A home-cooked meal made with love (they’re major foodies)
  • Random “why I love you” paragraphs
  • Hearing “this made me think of you”

GEMINI (21/5-20/6)

“Go with the flow” Geminis are highly intellectual, curious and the life of any party. This air sign loves exploring the world and frowns at anything that tries to stifle their creativity. 

You’ll usually find them somewhere juggling five hobbies, learning a new skill and making everyone in the room their new best friend. On Valentine’s Day, they want to keep that excitement going with their favourite person. 

What makes their heart melt:

  • Trying new things together
  • Traveling to new places
  • Activities that help them learn or offer a challenge (think puzzles and intellectual games) 

CANCER (21/6-22/7)

Cancerians are the sensitive people in your life who just LOVE love. They don’t miss a wedding, watch ALL the romance movies and can usually be found somewhere pouring their heart out to a journal. 

To them, Valentine’s Day is a time to go all out, be extra mushy and create a feeling of magical, fairy-tale love. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Love notes hidden in random places
  • Sentimental items like scrapbooks or personalized photo albums
  • A playlist of songs that reminds you of them

LEO (23/7-22/8)

Leos are known for being the theatre kids of the zodiac signs—they live for the dramatics, love being centre stage and know how to put on a show. However, their kind, caring hearts are often overlooked. 

While Leos do love to embrace their confidence, they also enjoy encouraging the people closest to them to own their gifts and create their own spotlight. To them, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to shine alongside their S.O. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Being acknowledged for their best qualities
  • Extravagant things (do we even need to explain…)
  • Bear hugs

VIRGO (23/8-22/9)

Think of the most organized, practical, detail-oriented person you know, then sprinkle in being caring and kind hearted. Chances are, that person is a Virgo! These notorious perfectionists are known for being smart and “Type A,” but they don’t get nearly enough recognition for being thoughtful and charming as well.  

On Valentine’s Day, they want things to be extensively planned out and executed thoroughly (with love, of course). 

What makes their heart melt:

  • Being organized by their S.O. for a date night to remember
  • Spending hours learning about their newest passion
  • Movies and books with rich, detailed lore 

LIBRA (23/9-22/10)

Libras are kind of like the bossy but loving oldest sibling of the zodiac signs. They’re usually the voice of reason, settling conflict, suggesting compromises and remaining a neutral party in any disagreement. 

This friendly air sign is also creative, good at nearly everything on the first try and an occasional social butterfly. Their perfect Valentine’s Day includes peace and tranquility alongside their love. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Late-night talks with the people they love
  • Giving good advice
  • Sending them random memes

SCORPIO (23/10-21/11)

If there’s one thing to know about Scorpios, it’s that they’re passionate—about people, their interests, work, their pets—basically everything! They love pouring their heart into the things that matter most to them.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to return their effort. They want to spend the day feeling appreciated, adored and connected with their other half. 

What makes their heart melt: 

  • Sitting side-by-side at restaurants (they don’t care who judges)
  • Holding hands 
  • Telling each other secrets

SAGITTARIUS (22/11-21/12)

Sagittarians are those friends in your life always doing something outrageously cool. Whether it’s a last-minute backpacking excursion across the country or auditioning for Broadway on a whim, they thrive off of adventure and spontaneity. 

When they’re not out exploring, these individualists are probably making their friends laugh, livening up a room or deeply pondering the meaning of life. Their perfect Valentine’s Day is light hearted, fun and full of excitement!

What makes their heart melt:

  • Exploring new places
  • Long car rides
  • Big city adventures

CAPRICORN (22/12-19/1)

Capricorns are the people you call when you need honest advice, a reliable gym partner and someone to help plan your budget for the year (yes, they will make you cut down on that daily Starbucks run). 

This sign is practical, ambitious and known for overachieving. Their ideal Valentine’s Day is thoughtful but not flashy or too expensive.  

What makes their heart melt:

  • Thrifting together
  • Piggy banks
  • Cool vintage finds
  • Vision boards
  • Dad jokes

AQUARIUS (20/1-18/2)

Aquarians are selfless humanitarians at heart, always working to help others or see the “big picture” of an issue. They never forget to recycle, love sharing their creative (sometimes outlandish) ideas and march to the beat of their own effortlessly amazing drum. 

While they don’t always openly show their soft side, this sign dreams of saving the world (and they’ve got a detailed plan on how to do it). On Valentine’s Day, they want to feel appreciated and deeply connected to their person. 

What makes their heart melt:

  • Earth Day (part of saving the world means taking care of the planet, which they love to do)
  • Nature documentaries
  • Sketchbooks filled with half-finished artwork
  • Paper straws
  • Museums (especially ones where they can touch stuff and question everything)

PISCES (19/2-20/3)

Pisces are soft-spoken, empathetic and are usually living in their own fantasy world. Known for their creative nature, these gentle fish can easily bring one of their daydreams to life through some form of art. 

They love showing others that sensitivity is a gift we can all tap into. They want their Valentine’s Day to be full of romance, relaxation and rejuvenation.  

What makes their heart melt:

  • Candles
  • Movies that make them cry 
  • Bath bombs
  • Yoga
  • Playlists with calming music


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