The meaning behind the colour

It’s not just the exquisite beauty of flowers that makes us smile and lifts our mood immediately.  The colours of these blooms also evoke an emotional response in us.

Here’s our top 5 favourites hues and what they can convey for you.

  1. Red! This one is for all the red blood males and females out there.  The colour of passion and desire, need we say more?!
  2. Yellow!  The colour of sunshine and happiness, yellow is traditionally used as a sign of friendship. It’s all about finding the yin to your yang.
  3. Orange!  A combination of red and yellow, this gorgeous hue is associated with warmth, enthusiasm and emotional energy.
  4. Pink! For all the girly girls out there.  From delicate shades of pastel pink to bold magenta tones indicate playfulness, charm, sweetness and femininity.  Definitely one for wooing!
  5. Green!  Of course this one made our list. The universal colour for life, nature, energy, growth and harmony.  With so many textures and shades of green in both flowers and foliages, there is something so soothing and comforting about being surrounded by it.

So when you’re unsure of what to choose, tell us a little about your intentions, and we’ll create a magnificent arrangement that says all you want it to in beauty and colour.


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