The Art of Appreciation and the flow on effects to your business


Does the attached infographic make sense to you?  As the owner of a business, if you invest in your team, train and reward them, then in turn, your happy and productive team takes care of your customers.  Customers, of course, then take care of the business.  And who does the business look after?  You.

So it makes perfect sense to invest in and nurture a happy and productive team that will take care of the rest.

Perfect Petals knows the benefits, both physical and emotional of being surrounded by fresh, living flowers and plants in your environment.  We’re also aware that the simple act of appreciation goes a very long way, be it a small token or grand gesture.

We’ve been creating bespoke gifts for office staff, clients and suppliers for 23 years now.  We’ll happily share our fresh ideas with you to help you create a fabulous company culture. Just ask.

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Notice for Mother's Day Orders

Please note that Mother’s Day (12th May) we will be guaranteeing delivery of flowers only ordered from the Mother’s Day section.  Other flower choices may need to be substituted with your approval or can be sent the following day.

Extended Trading Hours Mothers Day Weekend: 

Pick up or delivery all weekend:

  • Friday 10th 8:30-5:30
  • Saturday 8:30-5:30
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