Seeds of Friendship

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‘The most beautiful discovery friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart’ Elizabeth Foley.

A friendship nurtured is a friendship blossoming. Sending a friend this gorgeous green gift of a crate filled with plants is a thriving reminder of your friendship. Whether your friend is going through something wonderful they’ve chosen to share with you, or something challenging and just knowing that you’re there, is perhaps all the comfort and support they need.

This gorgeous planter crate is both soothing and sweet.  Already they’ve got some thriving and adorably cute house plants growing.  We’ve popped them into the rustic and charming wooden crate that would be perfectly suited to a windowsill or small space.  Somewhere there’s just enough light to keep them happy, but rest assured, they’re not too fussy.  We’ve also put in there something for them to nurture and nourish.  The ever so sweet Rosie Lou seed packs.  A little nature project – something for them to get their hands dirty (but not too dirty).  We’ve left a small third spot in the planter crate for them to gather up some soil, and plant their little seeds and watch them grow.

There’s some adorably cute seed puns – ‘you’re sow sweet’ (sweet peas), ‘thanks for being my frond’ (calendula), ‘you’re the bees knees’ (bee flower mix), ‘hello sunshine’ (sunflower seeds) and ‘you’re sow awesome’ (nasturtiums).  Each witty pretty seed pack contains your seeds, a mini print, mini garden stake cutout and planting instructions.
They’ll delight at these pretty little flower’s growth and blossoming remembering all the while, their beautiful friend that brought a little ray of sunshine into their lives.  Everyone loves to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, and everyone loves to see something thrive.   We’d love to see these beautiful Seeds of Friendship planters making their way to the home of your friend today. When you can’t be together, have a thriving robust friendship planter crate in their home – who knows, maybe they’ll name one of their little plant babies after you?!

Please note that each planter crate will be delivered with two unique plants already planted.  No two planter crates will ever be exactly the same.  It will be as unique as your friendship 💗

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Rosie Lou Plant Varieties

Hello Sunshine, Thanks For Being My Frond, You're Sow Awesome, You're Sow Sweet, You're The Bees Knees

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