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Nothing says pure elegance like a classic white oriental lily vase bouquet!  The epitome of style, this crisp white ceramic vase is filled with the beautifully fragrant, white oriental lilies.

The Oriental lily represents the “universal symbol of beauty,” while expressing an air of wealth and decadence. Other meanings associated with this flower include purity and innocence.  So as you can see, these versatile blooms are perfect for just about any occasion. From the purity and innocence of a newborn baby gift (particularly if you don’t know the gender)  to a luxe housewarming present. Complete with a vase that would match most any decor, very handy if they’ve not yet unpacked everything.  The general symbol of the lily flower represents purity of heart, sweetness and virtue so gifting these to a grieving family is equally as appropriate.

This arrangement of flowers will come with just a few blooms open with many more yet to open over the coming weeks.  Yes, that’s right, these beautiful flowers have a very good vase life when cared for appropriately.  Oriental lilies prefer a room where there is no direct sunlight beaming down on them nor an  air conditioning unit blowing straight onto them.  They love to be watered daily and have their stems recut every few days just to freshen them up.

Orientals are a firm favourite among us, but please be aware that these flowers are toxic to house pets (if they can get up onto the bench to investigate them).  Your intended recipient will adore the soft fragrance that will inhabit the house for weeks to come and be pleasantly surprised on a daily basis as they continue to bloom with something new to look at each day.

When words fail, these showy blooms definitely speak.  Have yours delivered today!


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