Peace on Earth

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Give the gift of peace this Christmas with the gorgeous Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily plant.  A beautiful gift wrapped in the season’s colours and adorned with trinkets and ribbon for the festive season.  This plant is a welcome addition to any household, not just for Christmas but one that will continue to bring joy through the entire year.

Its striking and large deep green glossy foliage contrast with the elegant white blooms accentuating any space beautifully.  Flowers will continue to bloom for months on end, mesmerizing your recipient. There’s no need for full direct sunlight, this is a very happy indoor plant. Also fabulous for purifying the air inside.  Watering is only required once per week, perhaps a little more through the warmer months, but this plant will let you know it’s thirsty then perk right back up again with a little drink.

While peace lilies love plenty of water, an overwatered plant is an unhappy one. If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow on the ends or appear wilted, repot the plant in fresh soil and cut back on its watering schedule.

What a way for them to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Complimented by a classically elegant white ceramic pot for the larger two sizes, that will suit any space both indoor and out with drainage hole.

For the beginner plant parent, this is the perfect choice.  Low maintenance, highly attractive and a lush green companion wherever it goes!

Please do note that the peace lily is toxic to pets and little people so it might be best to remind them to keep it up high.

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