Moira Rose

$389.00 inc GST


For lovers of opulent blooms – Moira Rose is absolutely spectacular and will stay that way as she is one of our ‘forever flowers’ arrangements. Silk blooms that are captivating, life like and perfect forever. Not one to shy away in the corner, Moira Rose is the perfect addition as a striking centrepiece for a dining room, reception area, bedroom or most any room.
Consisting of very chic statement flowers such as dahlia, hydrangea, disbuds, roses and more. Including dusty pinks, toffee, cream, off white with just a hint of plum, these understated soothing hues would suit most decor. We have constructed this beauty with a little bit of whimsy as well. A little less structured and a little more natural beauty. Sitting in a gorgeous matte taupe ceramic vase, she sits approximately 50cm wide x 50cm high. A statement piece that will be enjoyed forever more.

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