Just To See You Smile Gift Set

$59.00 inc GST


If you want to lift their spirits and see them smile, then this is the perfect little pick me up designed to do just that!!
The elegant long box comes gift wrapped with luxe gold satin ribbon. They won’t know what treasures awaits them – it will be the most wonderful surprise. When they lift the lid, and open the delicately placed tissue, they will beam with joy – who wouldn’t when the smiling face of a single sunflower is beaming right back at them. As if that wasn’t enough to make their day, there are two extra little surprises for them to keep and adore. The first being the ever popular music box, that has the tune ‘You are my Sunshine’ for them to play as they crank the lever. How adorable!!! They’ll be smiling for so much longer than that with the gift boxed
SMILE – this uplifting set of 30 pop-open cards is filled with invitations to delight in the moment, savour the experience, and share the joy.

Each card features a unique quote, including:

“…life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” —Marilyn Monroe

“Smiles are the language of love.” —David Hare

“…the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.” —Martin Luther King Jr.

They’ll enjoy the beauty of nature in the smiling sunflower, and remember this joyful moment with the thoughtful keepsakes that they will treasure forever.
Go on…make them smile 🙂

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