Forever Phalaenopsis

$449.00 inc GST


The Phalaenopsis orchid is stunning – so why not keep it forever?  This is the best way to enjoy phalaenopsis orchids if you’re not a green thumb.  No need for any up keep, it just looks like the same exquisite orchid display, week after week, month after month, year after year! Six of the most beautiful spikes of white silk orchids we’ve ever seen!

Open up any stylish design magazine and you’ll definitely find a potted orchid adorning some gorgeous interior.  Classic white suits any space, either complimenting existing decor or adding a touch of class .  This potted beauty, in its white and grey marbled, domed shape ceramic is heavy enough to even have this arrangement sitting on an outdoor table.  It’s diameter is 55cm, and standing at a metre tall, it’s both a centrepiece and a side table showstopper, depending upon the space.

If style and class is what you desire, but you know that repotting orchids is not their idea of fun, this beauty has got your name all over it.

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