Anthurium Planter

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Also known as the beautifully heart shaped anthurium, this gorgeous potted plant brings a pop of colour and all smiles to the lucky recipient. This spectacular flowering plant is an excellent air purifier, not to mention a stunning piece of nature’s art!  Presented in a cute rustic wooden planter box, this beauty can sit anywhere from a windowsill to a desk to a side table.

This gorgeous gift would be perfect for a housewarming or as an adorable addition to their collection of all green things. Plant lovers always have room for anthuriums!  Gifting living plants for indoors is a permanent reminder of your very kind thoughts, whatever the occasion.  This beauty can be a plant for the living room, giving the gift of oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Their large, dark leaves suck up ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene, so they’re a thoughtful present for a workplace or home office (especially around copiers, printers or adhesives). It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Your little beauty loves filtered light indoors and a warm position. No need to be a green thumb with these hardy plants.  All that is required is a glass of water once a week and perhaps half again in the warmer months.  Did you know that the Anthurium is the largest genus of the Arum family? Absolutely beautiful flowers adorn this striking green indoor plant. Some also know this one as the flamingo flower.  The large red flower is heart shaped, glossy, waxy and oh so showy!

Please be aware that the Anthurium plant is toxic to house pets.

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