Kokedama plants are the best, cute and quirky gift idea!  Living plants are a lovely, fresh, long lasting gift. Packed too with health benefits including air purification as well as being a mood boosting blessing – reducing stress, fatigue and adding life to a sterile space. BUT, to have a Kokedama ball in your home is also a strikingly distinctive art piece!

So what is a Kokedama? Originating in Japan, ‘koke’ translates to moss and ‘dama’ means ball. It is a combination of the nearai, bonsai and kusamono planting styles. It is a modern art form uniquely presenting different types of plants and flowers. You can practice the art of Kokedama with just a few items. If you are not interested in DIY Kokedama, then you’re in the right place. Kokedama instructions can be a little confusing getting just the right mix of ingredients for the right type of plant. Caring for your Kokedama is easy with our instructions included with purchase.

When you buy Kokedama balls from Perfect Petals, they will all come with hooks and string to hang but also a beautifully hand turned wooden bowl to sit them in if you prefer.

Whether you’re after a birthday, get well, thank you or any other type of living gift, look no further than our range of Kokedama. Available online, both Kokedama ferns and Kokedama succulents, or if you’d like, pop into our boutique florist shop and see them ‘hanging about’ to choose yours in person.

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