How to show your heartfelt condolences with these three beautiful sympathy gift ideas

At such a difficult time, showing your heartfelt condolences is crutial for those grieving to know you’re there. Knowing what gift to send for sympathy is sometimes overwhelming. Sadness over the loss of a loved one is inescapable, however, the emotional connection that you can make with them at this time, creates a loving bond that will continue to grow.

We can help you to emotionally connect with those you care for through the beauty of nature and some thoughtful gifting.

As the saying goes ‘when words fail, flowers speak’. Flower arrangements are a beautiful way of conveying your heartfelt sympathy and support during such a sad time. The grace and fragrance of blooms in the home can aid in the mourning process with just a glance at nature’s abundant beauty.
The flowers and colours that are appropriate for a sympathy flower arrangment for the home are best chosen for grace and elegance. Most popular being lilies, roses, orchids among other beautiful seasonal blooms, they should be kept to softer muted tones or pure white, in line with the sombre occasion.

Living gifts in the form of a peace lily or a phalaenopsis orchid are perfect for a more lasting tribute to their loved one. The spathiphilium lily or peace lily, is appropriate to suggest that the deceased is now ‘at peace’ and their memory will forever be with you. The phalaenopsis orchid is the best of both worlds – beautiful flowers and living plant. With their stunningly elegant blooms, in both white and shades of purple, on show for months, can then be pruned back in wait for the next season to bloom again. Another reminder that their loved one is always with them.

Thoughtful keepsakes including our  Comforting Condolences hamper which include the ‘In Loving Memory’ book is truly, a gift for the grieving heart. The pages filled with quotations that bring care and compassion for today and hope and healing for tomorrow. We filled this basket also with the beautiful peace lily and a softly scented Ecoya candle to light in remembrance.

Whatever you choose to do for the ones you love, we are very sure they will always remember it.
Just being there surrounding them with love so their heart can heal when its ready to is the beauty of human kind.

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