Happy Birthday Virgo

Who’s your favourite Virgo ? Those born between 23rd August to 22nd September fall under this earth zodiac sign.  They are creative, intelligent and giving. They are so much more than their perfection-striving stereotype, but they’re more than willing to embrace their laidback, funny, and imperfect side.  Not to mention, Virgos’s affinity for details makes them cosmically-inclined gift-givers, so chances are they gave you an awesome present at some point. Here is your chance to reciprocate with something that is unique to their star sign.

The classic chrysanthemum is their birth flower!  Virgos are organized and neat, these blooms most often symbolize neatness because of their sophisticated structure and design.
With everything from the sweet daisy chrysanthemum to the button and the ever popular disbud –  there are a plethora of choices, and we’re sure there’s one that she’ll absolutely adore.
How about a mix of all the different types in a single colour palette for a classically elegant look, or, we could add bold, bubbly and bright tones – something that reflects her personality.
Give us a call or order online and be sure to let us know it’s for your favourite Virgo and we’ll ensure those chryssies are front and centre!

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