Happy Anniversary Baby xo

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Commemorate your anniversary with the perfect blooms. It only comes around once a year, so for such an important occasion, you’ll want to do something really special!

Here are our top tips:

How many years? Signify this with the number of stems you choose. For a 15 year anniversary you could opt for 15 red roses displayed in an elegant vase arrangement.  Significance in the flowers, a forever keepsake with a beautiful vase.

What was in the bridal bouquet? Let us recreate it for you! This is always a popular option and you’re guaranteed brownie points for the extra thought put into this gift.

Floral symbolism for anniversary milestones:

1st year: the frilly, feminine carnation

2nd year: lilly of the valley – a sweet sentiment

3rd year: the ever bright and cheery sunflower

Make this anniversary one they won’t forget! How about adorning the bed with rose petals and a scented candle burning in the background? Our ECOYA  candles and body products remind them of your romantic gesture long after the flowers are gone.

Give us a call tel: 07 33999659 to discuss your ideas or mail to: contact@perfectpetals.com.au.  We’ve got 25 years of experience in making moments memorable.  We’d love to help!

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Notice for Mother's Day Orders

Please note that Mother’s Day (12th May) we will be guaranteeing delivery of flowers only ordered from the Mother’s Day section.  Other flower choices may need to be substituted with your approval or can be sent the following day.

Extended Trading Hours Mothers Day Weekend: 

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