Fragrance lingers longer than you think!

I’m sure this has happened to you – the scent of something taking you straight back to a certain time, place or person!

Perhaps the smell of jasmine instantly transports you back to your grandmother’s garden where you felt carefree, loved and blissfully happy.  Or, as we have discovered, someone smelling an oriental lily again, remembers the birthday when she received a beautiful bouquet of them and the fragrance filled the whole house for weeks on end.

This fragrance, from that moment forward, forever holds a special place in their heart.

When a perfume has the ability to trigger an emotion, it becomes part of the person. Creating a connection between two people can be as simple as that.

When you next want to make an impact like this, remember that we are the experts in flower fragrances and would love to help.  You can check out our website and request fragrant flowers in your bouquet of visit the Ecoya page to see what divine fragrances that can linger for longer in their life!

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