Flowers – 5 thoughts to ponder for the practically minded.

In 25 years being a florist, I have heard on more than one occasion “why buy flowers, they just die anyway!”.  I understand that some people struggle with the total impracticality of purchasing a flower bouquet that, after being admired for some time, will then be gone with nothing to show for it. Allow me to indulge you in the many benefits of giving flowers and I will leave you to decide.
1. Receiving a bouquet of blooms, beautifully and thoughtfully arranged by a florist is a work of art, a beauty to behold.  Expertly placed where they will continue to bloom, complimented by the carefully curated selection of other blooms and foliages is a skill that must be honed and will certainly be appreciated by the observer.  Think service station bunch vs florist bouquet.
2. In this modern digital age, everyone has a camera on them.  A bouquet enthusiastically received, will be snapped and perhaps uploaded to social media. Right there is a memory created in an instant and will be remembered for a lifetime.
3.  A scent will anchor a memory for a lifetime.  Receiving a gorgeous bouquet with a very distinct fragrance will fill the house for some time, but whenever smelt again, will immediately bring the person back to the moment they received their bouquet and breathed in that beautiful fragrance.
4. A dinner out vs a bouquet of blooms.  Let’s consider this…a dinner, whilst lovely, lasts but a few hours.  A bouquet of flowers will last over a week with far less calories!
5. Let’s not forget the scientifically proven health benefits of having flowers to admire.  You’re not only bringing nature inside to nurture, with their bright colours and beautiful scents, they are proven to reduce stress and boost your mood, purify the air, and they can help you sleep and heal.
Flowers are ‘impractical’, serving no other purpose other than to be admired, but in that lies the luxurious beauty of them and how wonderfully appreciated they are.  Try this…take home just a single bloom and experience their reaction for yourself.  We guarantee you, there will be smiles all round.

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