Expected VS inspired…I know which one wins every time!

Have you ever seen the reaction of someone receiving a bouquet of blooms that are wonderfully unexpected?  The look on their face of both wondrous surprise and sheer delight is a sight to behold. A birthday or anniversary, or significant occasion that is assumed to be marked by a gesture or gift is absolutely lovely, of course.  Special occasions deserve these celebrations.  Giving something beautiful out of the blue, however,  is a gift for both of you.  You feel amazing witnessing how a seemingly small token of love, appreciation or encouragement can leave a lasting impression.  An emotional connection that is made in an instant where they will never forget how you made them feel.  That is very much a win/win situation. Whilst it may be a small thing to you, you may find that it leaves an indelible mark on their heart.  Whether they be friend, colleague, relative or partner, it is important to remember that everyone deserves to feel cared for.
If you’ve not read my blog on your relationship bank balance, it’s a quick 5 minute read that explains how investing in your partner’s happiness is important for both of you.  Plus, there’s an added bonus in there for you too!  You’re welcome 🙂  
Building emotional connections is what we do best, plus, we have some of the most beautiful ways of doing it.  “Give without expectation, love without limitation, live without hesitation and do good without explanation”. Unfortunately I cannot credit the author of these words as I don’t know who it was but what I do know is they are very wise words to live by.

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