Dried flowers for birthdays and anniversarys – the perfect keepsake!


Dried flower bouquets and arrangements are the perfect forever flower gift for a birthday or anniversary. There are so many benefits to these beauties, but here are four of the best reasons why.

  1. LONGEVITY IS KEY. For such a special occasion that only rolls around once a year, flowers are always an exquisite gift of the beauty of nature. However you’d love them to be appreciating that beauty for a whole lot longer than their fresh counterparts.  Having such a special gift that requires no maintenance is a very special treat. They’ll be lovingly admiring your gift in twelve months time in the same way as the day it arrived.
  2. REPURPOSING. In twelve months time, if they want to, they can restyle these beauties into a different work of art.  Your loved one could decide that bouquet or arrangement, now needs a new place to live in their home.  Would they now like a wall hanging, or to put them into a photo frame?  The beauty of these is that some of the more robust blooms will go on for years, and the retouching of the rest of the arrangement is like ‘freshening up’ a bouquet from the garden.
  3. NO POLLENS, NO PROBLEMS. Preserved and dried blooms have no pollen – they’re perfect for someone who has hayfever or allergies.  They can experience the beauty of flowers without the runny nose and sneezing. Some fresh flowers are toxic to animals, and small unsupervised humans. Dried flowers take away that concern, surely appreciated by the recipient.
  4. FRESHEN WITH FRAGRANCE Fresh flowers have an intoxicating fragrance to them that dried flowers do not, but how about a few drops of essential oils on them?  There are an enormous amount of oils out there, and surely one in their favourite fragrance. Once delicately dropped into the bloom or pot will be the source of an exquisite aroma that will fill the room.  It definitely has been said that a fragrance anchors a memory for life.   The fragrance will always be linked to the beautiful dried flowers that were given on such a special occasion.

With so many options for flowers and colour tonings, vases and vessels, we can offer our expert advise for the perfect gift. Dried flower gifts are becoming increasingly popular and can be made in traditional or modern styles. Call us now for a bespoke arrangement.

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