Did You Know You Have A Birth Flower?

You are probably already familiar with your birthstone and astrology sign, but did you know that you also have a birth flower? Want to know the secret meaning of it? Read on and find out.

In this article, Perfect Petals – a florist in Brisbane – will tell you everything you need to know about birth flowers. Once you find out yours, order flowers online and wait for your flower delivery to brighten up your home.

  1. January – Snowdrop and Carnation

The birth flowers for those born in January are carnations and snowdrops. While snowdrops come in white only, meaning hope and beauty, carnation’s meaning is determined by the colour: red for love, pink means affection, white represents pure love and yellow for sympathy.

  1. February – Primrose and Violet

If you’re born in February, your birth flowers are violet and primrose. These two flowers come in vibrant purple colours and are extremely beautiful. They indicate faithfulness and loyalty.

  1. March – Jonquil and Daffodil

Even though these two look similar – yellow, jonquils and daffodils are two very different flowers. However, they carry the same meaning – unequal love.

  1. April – Sweet Pea and Daisy

The birth flowers of April are two very small, but gorgeous flowers: sweet pea and daisy. Plus, they carry very beautiful meanings. Sweet pea stands for blissful pleasure and daisies present purity, loyal love, and innocence.

  1. May – Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

For all of the May babies, your birth flowers are these unique blooms: lilies of the valley and hawthorns. The first one represents a return to happiness, sweetness and humidity, and the latter means great happiness and hope.

  1. June – Honeysuckle and Rose

If you were born in June, then your birth flowers are roses and honeysuckles. Similar to carnations, the meaning of roses depends on the colour: red means love, pink stands for happiness, white is for purity and yellow for jealousy. And, honeysuckles indicate the eternal bonds of love.

  1. July – Water Lily and Larkspur

The delicate larkspur is one of the two birth flowers for the month of July which represents everlasting love bonds. On the other hand, the second July birth flower – water lily – indicates majesty and purity.

  1. August – Poppy and Gladiolus

August’s birth flowers include gladiolus and poppies. The different colour of poppies presents different meanings: red means pleasure, white indicates consolation, and yellow is for success and wealth. Next, gladiolus means integrity, infatuation, and remembrance.

  1. September – Morning Glory and Aster

Based on the birth flower, September is the month of love since the pretty aster carries the meaning of love and positivity, and morning glory represents affection and love.

  1. October – Cosmos and Marigold

Those born in October are very lucky to have such vibrant blooms as their birth flowers. The first one – cosmos – stands for serenity and harmony. The second, marigold, means prosperity and optimism.

  1. November – Chrysanthemums

Here’s the only month that has just one birth flower – chrysanthemum. Although it’s only one, the beauty and the meaning of this amazing flower are more than enough, yet depends on the colour. Red chrysanthemums mean love, yellow slighted love, and white is for pure love.

  1. December – Holly and Narcissus

Last but not least, narcissus and holly are the birth flowers of December. Being the symbol of Christmas, holly represents domestic happiness. And, the white and yellow bloom – narcissus – means unconditional love.

Want to beautify your home with your birth flowers? Then, contact Perfect Petals, order flowers online, and wait for your flower delivery!

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