Yes, there are benefits to having corporate flowers!

2nd Nov 2018

Corporate flowers are more than just eye candy. Yes, they bring a certain pizazz to the reception desk. But your workplace, employees and visitors will reap the benefits like the ones below.

Lower stress

Some days are better than others. Stress in the workplace is nothing new. But flowers and plants have been known to lower the frustrations employees frequently feel.

In 2011, Dr. Erin Largo-Wright conducted a study about employee contact with nature at their workplace. The subjects of the study were mostly female, desk-bound staff members at an American university. In her findings, Dr Largo-Wright wrote;

“Employees with more nature contact at work reported significantly less perceived stress and stress-related health complaints. These findings suggest that nature contact at work may constitute a healthy workplace exposure...The findings are particularly important because increasing nature-contact exposure at work may be an inexpensive and practical way to enhance worksite health promotion efforts”

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Cleaner air

Philodendrons, kokedamas, potted flowers and any other green plant is a living air purifier. They suck up all the toxins in the air and breathe out oxygen. Philodendron, bamboo, potted Gerberas and ferns are beautiful options that are low-maintenance but do hard work of their own.

Good impressions

Ordering corporate solutions from us will guarantee you receive flowers that match your brand. It embellishes the picture you set in the reception where people first walk in. And this in turn makes a good impression.

Relaxes the mood

Business like doctors and dentists offices will sometimes have an air of tension due to nervous patients, as well as the general stress of the job. Potted plants and flower arrangements (orchids are a popular option) can break this and set people at ease.