Workmate unwell? Our top 3 gifts for get well wishes

Melanie Ross on 11th Sep 2017

No. 1 - No mess, no fuss, no attention needed really for gorgeous cacti or succulent plants with a card that reads: 'This little guy is tolerant and resilient and it made us think of you'

No. 2  - Healthy treats (and some not so healthy) treats to

nurture and encourage a speedy recovery, with a card that


'Looking after you in sickness, then in health' ;)

No. 3 - A beautiful house plant to brighten the room with a card

that reads: 

'Please don't die...I mean, please don't let it die'

They're all a little tongue in cheek, but what person who's

feeling under the weather and glum doesn't want to have a

little laughter and a ray of sunshine in the form of one of these


Perfect Petals can help you choose the perfect gift to lift spirits

and get them back to work don't want to be doing

their work as well as yours for too long, do you?