What Are the Best Flowers for a Corsage

What Are the Best Flowers for a Corsage

28th Aug 2020

A corsage is a tiny bunch of flowers generally worn by a woman on her wrist. It can also be pinned to her clothing. The word ‘corsage’ came from the French term bouquet de corsage meaning bouquet of the bodice. It consists of one or two main flowers along with some greenery. Corsages are the female counterpart of a boutonniere. These are usually worn to formal events including Graduations, Weddings, Deb Balls, and Funerals too.

Corsages are made of one or two focal flowers, accompanied by greens. In order to remain fresh and clean, hearty flowers that can tolerate different weather conditions are typically best. There are many options when it comes to corsage styling, though the traditional styles consist of white or pink flowers and some greens. You can get a custom made corsage made for your special occasion from Perfect Petals, expert corsages in Cannon Hill.

The Best Flowers for a Corsage

The challenging part of designing a corsage lies in the arrangement of the flowers. It is very important to choose the right colour and size of the flowers that will be in perfect proportion. So, what are the best flowers?

1. Cattleya Orchids

This is one of the most popular types of orchids used in corsages. It is also known as "corsage orchid". They have a variety of colours and stay fresh for a very long time and they make a beautiful statement if arranged properly.

2. Spray Rose

Spray roses grow with many flowers on one branch and produce smaller blossoms; perfect for a corsage. Like any normal rose, they come in many hues from pale white to vivid red. You can always find a wide range of collections at Perfect Petals - corsage experts in Murrarie.

3. Waxflower

This flower is one of the more iconic flowers used for corsages. It is like a small flowering shrub that produces small dotted, delicate blooms of pink, white, lilac, and crimson. They have a small needle-like leaf that makes a lovely statement.

4. Carnation

Carnations are a great option if you’re considering homemade corsages. They are not only hardy but also inexpensive and they come in various colours.

5. Lisianthus

Lisianthus tend to resemble roses; they are delicate and beautiful - ideal for a corsage. They are also used in a range of other bouquets.

Bottom Line

While we revealed the most common flowers used for corsages, we urge you to get creative! Get creative and try something new and different. At Perfect Petals, we design custom-made corsages to ensure our clients are well-prepared and look stunning for their big day!