Trends For Our Upcoming Weddings

Trends For Our Upcoming Weddings

11th Jun 2019

We are SO excited to be taking on so many of your weddings this year! With so many unique, and creative concepts brought forward to us, we thought it fitting to share a few trends we've been noticing in hopes of inspiring and awing you. 

The Boho look: This style has become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason!
It's true to nature structure means that it is free flowing and full of movement. Generally a Boho bouquet will feature a variation of gorgeous, native greenery such as gum and wattle, as well as highlights like thryptomene, tea tree and wax flower. Colors can vary boasting tones of mango, burgundy and yellow  as well as dusty pinks and earth tones. Common floral choices include: Daliahs, David Austen Roses, ranunculus and billy buttons. The demand for dried florals and botanicals has also risen dramatically especially for this style, which complement perfectly will be a forever keepsake of the day. 

Flower Crowns are very popular in theme of this wild and whimsical wedding, with brides, bridesmaids and even the flowergirls accessorizing with their floral headpieces on the day. 

Cascading Phalaenopsis Orchids: The use of these gorgeous orchids has been popping up in main stream floristry everywhere recently! Award winning Western Australian floral artist  Matthew Landers just couldn't be more obsessed with their little faces, featuring them in his work frequently, most notably the all Phalae wedding he constructed last year. Alone they are truly striking with their unique, yet elegant shape and large, flat faces. They are a modern twist to the cascading orchid bouquets of Grandmas' day. They pop paired with other florals but don't overwhelm as well as  give a sense of unique movement and flow to any design. 

Greenery Only: Greenery can be beautiful too...seriously! We are lucky enough to have such a vast variety of gorgeous foliage at our fingertips here in Australia and many of you are taking full advantage of this. Opting for a greenery only bouquet means wild, whimsy and true to nature as it intended. We work with the natural shapes, curves, texture and movement of each stem, so that it becomes something that could have grown straight from the garden itself. You may be thinking that green could be a little boring, but fear not, the amount of tone variation, textural elements and shapes featured will be enough to blow you away. Plus, green is going to complement almost any theme you have decided on, especially lovely when contrasted against the whites of a wedding dress.

The Native Bouquet: A trend that just wont seem to budge and we're DEFINITELY okay with that. The beauty of natives is that they not only look stunning, but will be a forever keepsake of the day if you so wish as they dry beautifully, keeping their form. Comparatively, they are born for the Australian so they are perfect for those Summer/Spring celebrations as they wont wilt. 

 The Native bouquet is versatile. Most popularly the wild and whimsy look with free flowing greenery, whimsy highlights and your choice and colour palette of blooms. If you don't want the colour element but still want those natives, you can opt for a muted/pastel pallet of white ice king proteas, white highlights such as wax, thryptomene and tea tree, green lucodendrums and white paper daisies with grey-green gum. 

For a more refined look, ditch the bushy greenery for an elegant, tightly bound posy.