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Top 5 things your wedding florist needs to know for your first consultation

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We're super excited for you and can't wait to chat all things floral for your big day!  For us to be able to give you the professional advice and skills we've spent 22 years honing, we'll just need a little more information from you to do this.  So let's go, the top 5 things we need to help you achieve the fairy tale look you've been dreaming of....

  1. When is the big day? This will dictate which blooms will be in season and readily available to you. It is always best to go with what is in season for two reasons - it will last longer and it won’t cost you the earth to have it flown in.
  2. What style is your wedding? Classically elegant, cool and casual, modern or quirky - there are styles and flowers to suit them all.
  3. What style is your dress? This will dictate the style of bouquet that would compliment it the most.
  4. What colour are your bridesmaids dresses? The all important colour palette to compliment them.
  5. Does anyone in the bridal party have hay fever?  Yes, this last one is just as important as the first four, if not more!!

Armed with these details, we'll work together with you to bring your floral fantasy to life.

Give us a call to arrange a consultation with us today.  We will only ever undertake two weddings on one weekend as our focus is on perfection and attention to detail, after all, this is your big day!!


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