The Happy Employee Ripple Effect

The Happy Employee Ripple Effect

Melanie Ross on 2nd Apr 2017

Who would you prefer sitting at your front desk, being the first point of contact for your clients and the first impression for your company?

A happy, engaged employee who feels their work is appreciated and acknowledged or someone who feels like just another cog in your machine, staring at the clock, waiting for finish time to arrive?

Who will make your clients feel as important and appreciated as they need to be?

It really is a no-brainer isn’t it! Yet productivity and growth has taken a downturn in the past decade and not enough companies are looking inward to employee culture rather outwardly looking to something external to blame.

Employee’s engagement in the workplace and happiness are essential if businesses want to boost productivity, staff retention and, importantly, commercial results.

So what can businesses do to achieve these great results?

Let’s look at induction firstly – I have companies that send their new employees a bouquet of flowers on their first day. Nothing says ‘Welcome Aboard’ quite like the splash of colour in quality blooms. Male employees? I hear you say…well, if you don’t want to give fresh flowers, how about a great plant terrarium to give vibrancy to their workspace.

Take an innovative approach to staff performance by recognising and rewarding the milestones achieved. Friday afternoons can be a time to reflect upon the week that was, acknowledge achievements and share a glass of bubbly with some delectable nibbles from a congratulatory gourmet hamper. What a fabulous boost to staff morale and a guarantee that the following week starts of on the right foot.

Employees have lives outside the office too!!!! But why not celebrate, (or jovially embarrass) your workmates with a birthday surprise. Feeling recognised and special makes coming to work on your birthday not such a bad thing after all.

Gestures such as these can have profound effects on work colleagues, clients, and at the end of the day, the bottom line. You can see how the ripple starts quite small, but goes a very long way.