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Our top 3 tips to truly wow this Valentine's Day

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Ignite the spark this Valentine's day! Think a little outside the box to surprise and delight in the most unexpected of ways.  Show just how much you care for, desire, love the special someone in your life!!

1. One of the very best parts about receiving flowers at work is they are now the envy of all colleagues in the office.  You've not only melted her heart but have shown her entire workplace just how much you care.   Why not send 1/2 dozen red roses on 13th Feb with a note saying how you just couldn't wait to let her know how much she means to you. Then, the following day, Valentine's Day, send her another 1/2 dozen roses with the message...'Two halves make a whole. You complete me!'  Unexpected, surprising and so very sweet!

2. It's all the little things you pay attention to that are really the big things in the long run...Do you know her favourite flower?  Let us know what it is and we'll source it for you.  Listening to your partner and being heard in a relationship means so much! 

3. Wake her with a single rose on the pillow.  Send a balloon bouquet to her at work.  Then finish the day with champagne and chocolates in romantic candle lit setting.

We love love, and if you combine our expert advice with exquisite gifts, you're sure to create a beautiful memory for two.  Come in, call or order online now.


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