Sucker for Succulents

Sucker for Succulents

19th Aug 2018

The internet is going crazy for succulents and so are we! They are by far the easiest plant to care for, and even those of you with black thumbs will be amazed at how they can florish with such little attention.

Why we love them:

Succulents are the perfect little addition to any home or pop of life to that boring office desk. Not only are they super cute, it has been proven that keeping indoor plants increase productivity and positivi


. They make us feel more secure and relaxed, especially in work environments and help with lonliness and depression. Caring for these living things gives us a sense of purpose and immense satisfation to see them thrive !

They can be integrated into any environment and aesthetic preference with their diverse range of size, colour and texture. Perhaps a large terrarium display or bowl for larger spaces or petite ceramic keepsakes for desks or bedside tables? For something a little more unique, perhaps a kokedama? They look delightful hung up (great for space efficiency) or simply placed on a desk.

Here are our top tips to keep your little guys in tip top condition!

- Water: As a general rule, if the leaves are crispy they arent getting enough water. If theyre soggy and browning you are over watering them. Usually they only need watering every second week, but generally if the soil is completely dry theyre due for a drink. Never mist your succulent as it can rot the leaves and create brown speckling.

-Sun: Succulents thrive in bright, direct sunlight so place them near a window or surface that receives a good light source. They will also survive in lower light however, just be mindful that they will need alot less water. Consider moving them somehwere with sun for a few hours a day so that they get an adequate source of energy.

- Drainage: Ensure that your container has adequate drainage. Roots will rot if they are sitting in stagnant water which can affect the health of your plant and even kill it. If there are no drainage holes, ensure you have charcol, sand and pebbles to line the bottom so the roots are not soggy. 

With Father's Day fast approaching, these gorgeous living gifts are a permanent reminder of your love for dear old dad! 

Call us now for your bespoke living gift.  Our huge range of terrariums, ceramics and pots are screaming for a succulent or two!