Spotlight on Kokedamas

Spotlight on Kokedamas

2nd Jul 2019

By now you've probably seen these cool little things called kokedamas all over your insatgram and pintrest feed right ? The popularity of these planty, mossy sculptures has boomed over the last few years, and certainly don't stay in our studio very long! Kokedama is an ancient Japanese practice referring to the art of binding plants into mossy balls. Simply translated kokedama means “moss ball”. They may look a little strange and intricate but never fear, they are actually super simple to keep alive and happy. 

We have recently acquired a multitude of kokedamas in store that we know you"re going to love! An ever popular birthday, housewarming, just because gift or a lovely little treat for yourself. They are the perfect accompaniment to  brighten an  office space or living areas, either sat on a surface or hanging. It's up to you! 

Kokedamas are incredibly hardy and essentially take care of themselves. All you need to do is pop a little water into them every week (depending on the type of plant and season) and maybe some fertilizer a few times a year and they do the rest ! 

In store we have two varieties available; parlour palms and alocasias (aka Elephant Ear) in a few different sizes to suit your individual needs. They can also be made on demand if you'd like other plant and colour options. 

Our kokedama essential care tips:

- Although the plants are self contained within moss and twine, your kokedama's still require watering just like  any other house plant. This can be done either by pouring water into the exposed opening at the top (if one) OR using the dunking method which requires you to simply submerge the twine ball section into a bucket of water to soak (until completely saturated) This is usually a once a week need, however in hotter months your kokedama may need a top up every few days. 

-Fertilizing: Most plant varieties only require fertilizer as little as twice a year (be sure to check to keep you plant thriving) Water soluble fertilizer is reccomended and can either be mixed with the water you soak or pour into it as well as sprayed diluted in water directly onto the leaves. 

-Each plant has individual needs so make sure that you know what variety you have ! For exapmple:

Parlor Palms: Thrive in low light and shade so they are the perfect home or office plant. They can cope with bright light however their thin fronds have a tendency to crisp, brown and drop off if over exposed so it's best to keep them somewhere shady. They enjoy humidity so the QLD climate is perfect as well as bathrooms. Water well in summer but reduce in winter, the soil should be damp, well drained and never fully dried out.  Misting of the leaves is also something extra you can do to keep your plant happy. If leaves do brown, cut them off straight away. This ensures the plants' energy is being used for growing new leaves and maintaining the healthy ones. 

Alocasias: Require bright filtered light, never direct to avoid drying and crisping of the leaves. Watering once a week should be enough however in summer it may need a little top up to avoid drying out completely. They enjoy humidity so again, the QLD heat is perfect as well as bathroom spaces. If leaf yellowing and drooping occurs, make sure to cut off affected areas so the plant can make use of it's energy for new and existing leaves. 

Kokedamas don't stay on our shelves for very long so secure your's now by paying us a visit in our gorgeous little studio, giving us a call or ordering straight from the website link below! We can deliver straight to homes and workspaces all over Brisbane !