Self-Isolate Positively

Self-Isolate Positively

21st Apr 2020

Self-isolation and social-distancing are the two most important measures right now for all Australians (and most people globally as well). The coronavirus outbreak has left millions of people in self-isolation and quarantine all across the globe. This highly contagious virus has been fatal for over 80 thousand people worldwide, so the new laws and legislation serve an extremely crucial purpose. However, that’s not to say that staying inside 24/7 is easy or enjoyable.

At such an uncertain time, during something so unprecedented, it becomes important to show those in your life love and care. Especially those who may be self-isolating on their own, or those who may be unwell. However, showing our love is extremely difficult being that we have to follow such strict isolation rules. One of the most effective ways to show someone your love from afar, is through flower delivery in Brisbane.

Flower delivery from Perfect Petals offers a stunning selection of flowers to help your nearest and dearest cope with these tough times. Not to mention, seeing as though we all have to stay inside at the moment, it is crucial to ensure your inside is as uplifting and enjoyable as possible. So, what better way to improve your inside by bringing the outside in? Flowers and greenery go a long way in lifting spirits and boosting our mental health.

Below are some of the top tips that you may consider for those who are self-isolating:

1. Relief from stress:

When you are in self-isolation, boredom and loneliness can creep in and after time, this can make you feel down and out. Perfect Petals’ stunning range of flower arrangements such as Fresh Pick Friday, XoXo, Classic Beauty, succulent garden, and stunning phalaenopsis orchids all make beautiful gifts for someone in need. Get in touch with the clever florists at flower delivery in Murrarie to send your loved ones a beautiful bunch of blooms.

2. Happiness:

Scientists claim that greenery offers a soothing and calming affect which can encourage positivity and higher energy levels. Nationally, we are experiencing a lack in motivation, energy and positivity, so greenery can play a really vital role in our journey through this time. Research also claims that greenery can enhance your mental health and overall wellbeing. Flower delivery in Morningside offers gorgeous flowers and stunning plants that will leave you in awe.

3. Personalised messages:

When you decide to send flowers and plants to your loved ones, it is always a nice touch to add a personalised message to the delivery. Personalised messages sent along with beautiful and lively flowers can do wonders for someone who is lonely in isolation.

4. Air purifiers:

House plants and flowers not only lift your mood but they also naturally purify the air which is a huge plus at a time like this.


You will get a vast range of flowers to choose from the leading florists at Perfect Petals flower delivery Tingalpa. When it comes to seeking happiness and positivity, nothing is better than a beautiful bunch of flowers. Order the most beautiful flowers for your loved ones or for yourself, and reap the benefits.