Roses are red, violets are blue, it's Valentine's Day, so what should I do?

Roses are red, violets are blue, it's Valentine's Day, so what should I do?

Melanie Ross on 10th Feb 2018

Don't panic! We've been aiming Cupid's arrow for 22 years now and know exactly what you should do!

So, you've been dating for just a few weeks and it's going well.  You're not quite ready to proclaim your undying love, are you!  Are you?...please don't, not yet!  But you do want to acknowledge the wonderful person who is making your heart skip a beat when you think of them.  Send a single long stemmed red rose in a beautifully presented gift box.  This stylishly elegant presentation of a beautiful bloom is a suggestion of more to come.  And perhaps the card message could read just exactly that... 'Happy Valentine's Day...with many more to come.'

So, you're definitely a couple, still gushing over all the sweet things the other one does but it's a little too soon for a ring.  You definitely want this exquisite creature to know that you're head over heels and only have eyes for them.  A dozen red roses is the definitive symbol of true love.  Perhaps you might like to personalise this gift with something that the two of you could share - to create a memory for two.  A divine scented candle that, whenever lit, takes you both back to Valentine's Day.  Or a bottle of bubbly with delectable chocolates to share.  Perhaps a cute little plush bear, for them to cuddle when you can't be there.

So, you've declared to the world that this amazing person is your one and only, forever.  You got your happily ever after.   At this point young man/young lady, I'm sure you know your partner better than we do and you'll choose the perfect gift.  You know what sweet token or grand gesture will keep the fire of passion burning and remind them why they chose you, and you them.

What we know, and see regularly, is that you should keep falling in love, every single day for the rest of your lives.  Keep surprising your partner, keep reminding your partner you cherish them and never stop turning moments into memories at every opportunity.

Whichever way you choose to surprise and delight, we all wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.