Personalising your wedding - ideas to delight

6th Nov 2015

You are planning your big day and want to make sure you include all of the special people in your life as you pave your way into a new adventure.. after all - they are the people who helped get you this far in life and no doubt have a special place in your heart. 

Apart from making sure Nan has a front row seat to the nuptials, what else can you do to bring the heart and soul of your family into your wedding celebrations?

Family keepsakes are the first that come to mind.  Having a special brooch or a locket attached to your bouquet means that your loved ones are always close by and celebrating this joyous occasion with you. Wrapping your bouquet in the elegant and detailed lace that was handed down from your grandmother is a stunning way to finish your flowers. Whether it be to honor a loved one that couldn't make the day or in memory of a special person in your life, adding a locket or token of your love for that special member of your family is a touching tribute.

A scent to remember - were you wearing a particular perfume on the day that you met him?  Is there one that he absolutely adores on you?  Find out the floral tones of this scent so you can incorporate these blooms in your bouquet or reception centerpieces. We hold memories even more dearly to our heart when fragrances allow us to reminisce - create your own signature fragrance that will evoke warm loving memories for all of your guests.

Celebrate your origins - the coming together of two people from different places means you could incorporate each others floral stories in a myriad of unique and exciting ways. A treasured childhood adventure at the circus, A family favorite picnic spot with draping willow trees and woodland mosses. Or perhaps you are joining two cultures with unique geographical histories and native flowers. All of these elements can be brought into the design and style of your bouquet and reception styling.