Our Top Pick Mothers Day Flowers

29th Apr 2019

Picking flowers can be hard, we get it. ESPECIALLY hard when they're not for ourselves or we don't know their favourites.

But not to worry, we've got you covered with our top pick Mother's Day flowers this year. These choices are based on tradition, meaning and seasonal availability so that you can make the most out of your floral gesture. 

Chrysanthemum: Traditionally here in Australia, on Mother's Day people wear a or give chrysanthemums to honor their mothers. They are the quintessential Mothers Day bloom and are nicknamed "Mums" for short. They come in a wide variety of varieties and colours ranging from the pom pom like, single headed disbuds, to the clustered spray chrysanthemum. They are in season right now meaning they are abundant, local and fresh. In general, chrysanthemums are believed to represent happiness, love, longevity and joy.

Carnation:In Japanese culture and the US, the carnation symbolizes love and is the most common flower given on Mother’s Day. The meaning of the carnation flower literally translates to 'Flowers of the god' or 'Flowers of love' and differs further when colour theory is applied. Pinks, reds and whites are traditionally seen to portray love and affection, so why not incorporate these into your arrangement to add that added touch of symbolism. 

Orchid Plants: Classic, elegant and simply stunning Phalaenopsis orchid plants. The flowers are long lasting and gorgeous and are the perfect finishing touch to any environment. 

Tulips: Tulips symbolize nurturing and enduring love between partners or family members making them a perfect Mothers Day sentiment. Send pinks, purples, oranges and yellows to symbolize love, affection and admiration.Tulips are now in season meaning they are abundant, local and can be sourced easily in most colours. When gifting these blooms, it is suggested that they be presented in a bouquet alone as their stems are fleshy, delicate and continue to grow a few center meters after being cut. 

Oriental Lily: These fragrant, showy blooms are always a hit, especially on Mother's Day. With multiple heads per stem, marvel as their petals unfold over the days, and leave you with huge, perfumed flower heads whose aroma will waft through the house and linger for the duration of the flowers. They are available in pink and elegant white, and look stunning presented in a bouquet by themselves, or combined amongst  other blooms. 

Rose: Roses never fail to delight! As a classic symbol of love and affection, they embody the occasion perfectly. Steer away from the traditionally romantic reds, and opt for pinks, purples and brighter tones to symbolize this love. We have a variety of to choose from including locally grown, farm fresh single heads, spray roses with multiple, small heads per stem, or stunning garden/cabbage roses which are heavenly scented.