Oh Christmas Tree

2nd Dec 2019

What a wonderful time of year when families gather together to put up and decorate the Christmas tree!  Christmas carols playing in the background, fun and laughs and memories made.

If you've moved and are short on space, or you just feel like it's time for something new, then have we got a fabulous idea for you!!

Fresh spruce Christmas trees - we've got them in four sizes for all spaces.  

Imagine the scent of pine needles, the deep green freshness of these beauties decorated with all of your favourite baubles and tinsel. There's nothing like bringing a little bit of the outdoors in, enjoying the beauty of mother nature in your living room - and it sure beats having to vacuum up the fake plastic bits and pieces that fall from the artificial varieties!  

Why not start a new Christmas tradition?  Plant your Christmas tree after the festive season in the backyard.  One for each year, there's sure to be great tales to tell and memories to recall from each and every year!!