Living Gifts This Mothers Day

Living Gifts This Mothers Day

27th Apr 2019

This Mothers Day, step out of the box a little and surprise mum with the gift of life... living gifts ! A token of your love she will be enjoying for years to come.

The gifting of plants has become increasingly popular and for good reasons! Not only do they look beautiful and bring a sense of life into a space, it has been proven that plants make us happier and more relaxed where they are present.They make us feel more secure, especially in home and work environments and help with loneliness and depression. Caring for these living things gives us a sense of purpose and immense satisfaction to see them thrive! 

They help us to breathe easier and purify the air through their respiration process (taking in excess carbon and releasing oxygen), keep us focused and even improve heath and recovery processes as shown through multiple hospital studies. 

With so many to choose from it can be hard to pick! But don't fret, we have compiled a diverse list of our favourite, easy to care for plants to cater for any mum.

Cyclamen: Cyclamens are always a Mothers Day favourite and it's not hard to see why! They are compact and very hardy with heart shaped, marbled foliage. Their blooms provide beautiful splashes of colour with small but vivid flowers and brighten any space. They are perfect for dining tables, bedside tables and desks, and can also be planted back into mum's garden ! 

Peace Lily: This resilient houseplant not only looks stunning with its crisp, minimal colour tones but naturally purifies the air around it  by absorbing environmental contaminants such as benzene, formaldehyde and other pollutants. Peace lilies are elegant and neutral so they will fit nicely  into any space, but are very popular as bathroom plants as they love the humidity. Take care however if mum has pets that like to chew (especially cats and puppies) as Peace Lilies can be mildly toxic. 

Orchid: Orchids are traditionally given as tokens of  admiration and respect, making them the perfect gift for mum this year. Their elegance is breathtaking with silky, floral faces that almost glitter as they respire. They best part is, once an orchid has finished blooming, it enters a resting phase and will bloom year after year in exactly the same month each time! Meaning each mothers day to come will be a reminder of your gesture as mum enjoys fresh orchid blooms.

Succulents: Succulents are by far the easiest plant to care for, and even those with black thumbs will be amazed at how they can flourish with such little attention. They will fit nicely into any space, especially popular for dining tables, mantelpieces and even work desks. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours, and can even be made into terrariums, or placed into a container of your choice (such as a symbolic teacup or container). 

We have an ever fluctuating range of keepsake ceramics that will pair perfectly with your living gift in store. Everyone has their own unique style so why not go that extra mile and cater to this! Opt for whites and wood tones for a more minimal/ scandi look, pinks for the girly mum's, cement for a little texture or gold for those who like a bit of bling. 

Get in her good books this Mothers Day with a gorgeous living gift as a permanent reminder of your love! 

We always have a large range available to pick up in store, however it is always best to pre-order online, over the phone or via email to secure that perfect plant for mum. This is especially recommended for orchids as they always sell fast. Simply let us know a few days before and we will do the rest! 

We can even deliver straight to her door for your convenience and that extra surprise factor. You KNOW she'll love it!