How to impress her - get creative ;-)

How to impress her - get creative ;-)

Melanie Ross on 20th Jul 2017

You're chasing a woman you truly believe is worth the pursuit. You're out to impress but funds are low. Do you take her to a great restaurant, or do you go all out, to surprise and delight her with less.

Scenario #1 -You've experienced a great meal and enjoyed each others company for a few hours.  You have done something lovely, but I think it's safe to assume that this beautiful creature has possibly been taken out for a meal to a nice restaurant before. Memorable? Possibly not.

Scenario #2 - You organise for a spectacular bouquet to be sent to her workplace asking her out for a date.  Well played young man, that's not something she'll forget and I'm thinking ever experienced before.  She now feels incredibly special, and her workmates are green with envy - that's a huge bonus!   

She's mesmerised by the blooms and the fact that you want to see her again. Half of your budget has been invested into gorgeous flowers that she'll be adoring for the next week!  Now let's get you prepared for the date.  

These mild winter days lend themselves beautifully to a romantic picnic in the park.  Spread your blanket in the warmth of the winter sun and relax as you enjoy each other's company for as many hours as you'd like.  Picture chocolate dipping sauce for your strawberries, and other delectable gourmet treats to share as you both sip on a glass or two of bubbles. Romantic, yes! Memorable, yes! Within budget...yes! 

You've now just created two very memorable moments in your relationship.  We're helping make grand gestures and sending thoughtful surprises every day.  Come in to chat with us about how we can help you.