How to get Creative with Dried Flowers

How to get Creative with Dried Flowers

20th Jul 2020

Flowers, as beautiful as they and regardless of how much we love them, unfortunately have a relatively short shelf life. How amazing would it be if we could have the same beautiful bouquet for months on end, ah if only!

Luckily, for all of you flower-lovers, dried flowers come in very handy in this situation. Indeed, dried flowers are perfect for home décor and can last forever!

What’s even more convenient, if you are new to drying flowers but still want to get creative with them, you can order flowers online from the number one online flower, Brisbane based store – Perfect Petals.

The experienced team at Perfect Petals will make sure your flower delivery is not only, on time but impeccable as well. So, they’ve come up with the following list of ways to get creative with dried flowers.

So, order flowers online, wait for your flower delivery and try out the below ways of decorating your home with dried flowers:

  • Dried Flower Shadow Box

Making a dried flower shadow box is a very beautiful way to turn your favourite flowers into a long-lasting keepsake. This display idea will protect them and ensure you enjoy their beauty for years.

  • Dried Flower Framed Pressed Initials

Pressed flowers look stunning. And, a wonderful way to use them is to get them framed. But, if you are looking for something even more personalised, you can arrange them in the shape of your initials before you frame them.

  • Dried Flower Terrariums

Terrariums have become one of the biggest trends in online flower orders since they come in different sizes, styles, colours and of course, they look fantastic. Instead of putting dried flower bouquets in a vase, you can now arrange them in a terrarium and use it as a centerpiece on your table.

  • Wall Hangers!

Another great way to use dried flowers is to create a rustic wall hanger. For this project, you will need a branch as the base and lots of dried flowers that can be scattered up and down strings. The result is amazing, also a lovely addition to a party or baby shower.

  • Dried Flower Potpourri

Making a potpourri out of organic oils, fresh herbs, and dried flowers, isn’t only a stunning way to decorate your house, but also great aromatherapy. Once you pour the mixture into a little basket or tin, your home will smell heavenly!

  • Dried Flower Confetti

Finally, a great idea for all of you preparing for a wedding or a special occasion – Dried Flower Confetti. Dried flower confetti will not only help you build atmosphere and improve the aesthetic, but also protect the environment, which isn’t the case when using normal wasteful confetti.

Hope you find these ideas inspiring! Decorating your home with dried flowers has never been easier. Just contact Perfect Petals, order flowers online, wait for your flower delivery, and get creative!