Fresh Vs Silk? Which team are you on??

21st Aug 2015

Fresh vs Silk

{ There's so many advantages to both that even I can't decide! }

  • Fresh flowers look fantastic for a week and some give off an exquisite fragrance BUT what about the people with allergies?
  • Silk flowers look stunningly perfect forever BUT no sweet smell as nature intended.
  • Fresh flowers need TLC and maintenance.  Silk flowers don't need you at all.
  • Fresh flowers generally give a new look daily as they open and bloom.  Silk flowers are always the same.
  • Cost per day when purchasing fresh blooms VS the once off outlay of buying a silk arrangement.
  • Hiring silk blooms can be cost effective and there'll be something new to look at each month at roughly the same price as buying fresh flowers weekly.

Which way would you go... Can you even tell which one is which?