Flower Bouquets for your Winter Home

Flower Bouquets for your Winter Home

20th Jul 2020

In the winter months, we tend to keep our doors and windows closed, due to the cold. So, it’s typical for our homes to be a little more dull than in summer. So, how can we bring more life into our home during winter? By bringing the outside in.. with flowers! Not sure exactly what to add? Don’t worry, Perfect Petals – a Brisbane based flower store – is here to help you decorate your home with beautiful flower arrangements.

So, here’s how to take advantage of flower bouquets to decorate your home:

Table Centerpieces

This is probably one of the easiest ways to beautify your home with flowers. All you need is a low vase that has a wide opening, or you can even use a vessel, and your favourite flowers. Start by making a base layer of greenery, then turn the vase in all directions and fill it out with your preferred flowers. And, if needed, hold in position using florist tape.


Another easy, yet wonderful way to make your home beautiful with flowers is decorating your fireplace mantel or shelf. Plus, you can add your contribution to saving the environment by using recycled glass bottles as vases to display your favourite flower bouquets. And, to make the floral arrangement even richer, you can always add ribbons or embroidered trim.

Hand Tied Bouquet

You may be wondering what the difference between a normal bouquet and a hand-tied bouquet is. Well, a hand-tied bouquet should indeed stand up on a flat surface. Sounds interesting, right? Just choose your favourite flowers, three to four, and foliage. Begin with one flower that you will use as a base, then add a different one at a slight angle turning the bouquet slightly and repeating the procedure. Just don’t forget to add foliage at the same angle. Once you’re happy with the result, tie the flower bouquet securely with a ribbon or embroidered trim, cut the ends to make their length the same, and leave it on a flat surface.

Wall Decorations

Last but definitely not least, you can beautify your home by creating wall decorations out of flowers. For this purpose, you’d better go for artificial or dried flowers to make a long-lasting arrangement that doesn’t require lots of maintenance and ongoing care. Start by choosing a branch that will serve as a base and hang flowers up and down strings. You can play with different colour schemes, sizes, textures, etc. As a bonus tip, try to arrange the colours to achieve an ombre effect – this is a lovely trick.

Now that you know how to beautify home beautiful with flowers, go ahead and call Perfect Petals. All it takes is choosing your preferred floral arrangements, then order flowers online, and get creative!