Every bride has a budget...what's yours?

Every bride has a budget...what's yours?

Melanie Ross on 17th Sep 2019

It seems that when it comes to weddings, the word 'budget' gets a bad wrap!  It needn't be a sensitive topic nor one that you shouldn't disclose at the initial consultation.

We absolutely want to know what your budget and expectations are as this gives us a realistic place to start.  It tells us what types of flowers we should be showing you and whether we can discuss venue decorations as well as bridal party blooms.  

Choosing either the budget or bouquet, our brides gain a clearer understanding that all flowers are priced differently and, according to bouquet style, created differently.                        

Flowers are one of the most photographed aspects of your wedding, so of course our award winning florists can assure you they'll be perfect.

Budgets means a creative florist will start figuring out a way to give you the look and feel of the bouquet that you've fallen in love with and do it using seasonal blooms within budget. 

A great wedding florist will make suggestions like taking church decorations and using them again at the reception venue or staggering pew ends to ensure the entire aisle is done within budget.   

An exceptional wedding florist will do all of these things and more.  With 30 years combined experience, bridal awards and a pure passion for wedding floristry, we'll work together with you to create your dream wedding.  Book your consultation today.