Crazy For Cymbidiums

Crazy For Cymbidiums

24th Jun 2019

Orchids are one of the most highly renowned and admired plants all across the world. It is even said that Confucius himself referred to them as the king of fragrant flowers. These beautiful, exotic blooms are truly a sight to behold with their unique faces, shapes and colouring, as well as the diversity among varieties. In fact, they are the largest variety of flowering plants with over 25,000 documented species. Orchids are adored so much so that clubs/societies exist all over globe for the practice of growing them. They are a labour of love with a tedious and long germination period, with the first flowers only appearing after 5-7 years. The plants you see in store today can be over decades old! 

Cymbidums are one of the oldest variety of orchids in the world, and are still wildly popular today. They are commonly referred to as boat orchids as the name derives from the Greek word 'cymba' meaning "small boat". It is thought that this is a correlation to the shape of the lip as well as the cupped shape of the bloom itself resembling a boat. Cymbids come in a huge variety of colours including whites and creams, pinks, burgundies, red and browns, green and yellow. As well as singular colours, you will often see dual or more toned blooms for example, white petals with a bright pink throat ( which may be a block colour or even speckled) 

They are very versatile flowers and last for long periods of time due to their thick, waxy petals. Cymbids can not only be used in bouquets and arrangements, but for installations and formal pieces. It has been a very popular request for a single cymbid bloom mounted onto a wristlet, ribbon or bedazzled bracelets for school formals and wedding attire. Similarly, they look stunning in hairpieces and flower crowns. 

We also have live plants in store so that you can grow your own cymbidiums, which will bloom the same time each year for decades to come making them the perfect keepsake/memorabilia gift such as for anniversaries and birthdays. Each time the plant blooms, they will be reminded of the occasion and your beautiful gesture.