Christmas wreaths...Aussie style

Christmas wreaths...Aussie style

7th Dec 2019

When the thermometer is well into the 30's, the thought of hanging a fresh floral Christmas wreath on your door just doesn't seem practical.  You could do an artificial version of a traditional European wreath but when there's so much diversity and beauty in Australian flora, there's no reason not to get into the spirit of a true blue Aussie Christmas.

With paper daisies in bright burnt oranges and yellows, gumnuts, wheat, cotton, pine cones and grandfather's beard at hand, we let our creativity run wild and have come up with some gorgeous bespoke pieces ready to hang.

There are many different reasons for wreaths, steeped in both religious and cultural tradition but from a purely aesthetic perspective, they look amazing and are a beautiful way to welcome your loved ones into your home this Christmas.